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Algiers ferry port in Algeria connects you with Marseille in France with a choice of up to 3 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the Algiers to Marseille crossing is from 20 hours and the crossing is operated by SNCM & Algerie Ferries.


Algiers Ferry Alternatives

Algiers Ferry Services

  • SNCM
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 22 hr
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  • Algerie Ferries
    • 2 Sailings Weekly 20 hr
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Algiers Guide

In the North-central part of Algeria is its capital and largest city, Algiers. Located on the West side of a bay of the Mediterranean Sea, Algiers serves as an important port with 2 artificial harbours.

The city consists of the modern part built on ground level by the seashore, and the old ancient city which climbs the steep hill behind the modern town.

Few travellers visit Algeria these days due to its recent violent history, but its capital city Algiers, also known as North Africa's white lady, has a beauty that belies all violence. The country’s turbulent history has left the city with rich heritage, from its Moorish mosques, Ottoman-style palaces and the Casbah to its Berber fortifications and French colonial boulevards, dazzling any enthusiast of culture, architecture, literature or art.

The seafront is where all Algiers go down to relax and is a great place to meet the delightful locals. Have a walk around the shattered piles of fishermen’s houses below the sea wall where people used to live just above the waves.