Batam Fast Ferry

Batam Fast Ferry operate numerous routes connecting Singapore with Batam Island in Indonesia.

Batam Fast Ferry was set up in the mid-eighties and started their operation with 2 small high-speed passenger ferries, each able to carry around 60 passengers. Now, with 15 vessels, Batam Fast Ferry offer crossings between 6 ports and 4 routes and provide a high standard of comfort to those on board.

The high speed crossings between Singapore and Bintan Island range from just 45 to 70 minutes, depending on the route with daily departures available. All ferries are modern, well-appointed and provide a luxurious and pleasant voyage. On board you can expect to find air-conditioned seating areas, a VIP room, entertainment and a bar for snacks and drinks.

Whether you are travelling for business, taking a holiday or a short break, Batam Fast ferry is the ideal solution to visit Indonesia, anytime. allows you to compare Batam Fast Ferry timetables and fares with all alternative ferry operators before deciding on the best option for your trip.

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