Civitavecchia to Arbatax Ferry

The Civitavecchia Arbatax ferry route connects Italy with Sardinia. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Tirrenia. The crossing operates up to 2 times each week with sailing durations from around 10 hours.

Civitavecchia Arbatax sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season so we’d advise doing a live check to get the most up to date information.

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Civitavecchia to Arbatax Ferry Alternatives

For more information, please visit our Ferries from Italy to Sardinia page.

Civitavecchia - Arbatax Ferry Operators

  • Tirrenia
    • 2 Sailings Weekly 10 hr
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Civitavecchia Arbatax Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Civitavecchia Arbatax route is a car and 2 passengers.

Civitavecchia Arbatax Ferry reviews

  • "Night sailing on Tirrenia ferry to Sardinia"

    Had two overnight trips (10 hours each) on the ferry (August 2014)- not good! All the cabins were fully booked so we paid for '1st class reclining seats' They dont recline much and the room has a TV on which some passengers wanted to watch at 1 in the morning! A really bad nights sleep which is not good when travelling the next day. Food and drink are very expensive on board so take your own. I would not take this crossing again unless I could get a cabin. I have done longer crossings such as Portsmouth to Santandar before and they are really good. My advice would be to find an alternative ferry to Sardinia if you can!!

    'Peter' travelled Civitavecchia Arbatax with Tirrenia on Amsicora

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  • "From Civitavecchi to Arbatax"

    We spend a couple of nights in Rome and continued our Holidays in Sardine. On arrival at the ferry terminal in Civitavecchi we had to deal with a bit of a culture shock. It is quite different from an airport terminal, with lots of overloaded cars and car wrecks (ready to travel to Africa?). Since it was a Holiday in Italy, the desk of Tirrenia didn't open till 17:15, whilst the ship was to leave at 19:00. For some reason, standing in the line at the desk took long. We travelled on the Amiscora. It was well organised and cars for Arbatax were seperated in a smart way from the cars continuing to Cagliari. We had a cabin on board which was very good. The room was clean, spacious, with good beds and a pleasant shower. There were not to many people on board, so sufficient room to move around on the ship which felt in many respects like travelling on a cruise. We arrived well on time at 5 am on Sardine, were we now had a full and long day to spend. I would certainly recommend this way to travel to Sardine.

    'Henricus' travelled Civitavecchia Arbatax with Tirrenia on Bonaria

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  • "Early arrival"

    We left Civitavecchia in the evening of a Friday to arrive early on the Saturday morning in Arbatax. The ship was more than comfortable and the staff were extremely helpful as we do not speak very good Italian. The cabins were comfortable and immaculate. The engines were not noisy and we soon hit the pillow as the arrival in Arbatax was at 5am. Before we knew it we had arrived...great! The only problems we ever have using the ferries to Sardinia, and this includes all companies, is why can't there be some way of noticing there are English passengers on a voyage and remember to speak in English at all announcements. It starts off well but forget them on arrival, the most important time when we need to know what the company wants us to do.

    'John' travelled Civitavecchia Arbatax with Tirrenia on Bonaria

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  • "Excellent trip"

    Excellent trip, the cabin was spacious and clean. We appreciated the peace and quiet when we woke up. Both on the outbound and return journey they didn't woke us up h3 prior arrival to free the cabin as it happened with other operators.

    'Antonello Graziano' travelled Civitavecchia Arbatax with Tirrenia on Amsicora

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Civitavecchia Guide

Located in the Lazio region of central Italy, the town of Civitavecchia can be found in the province of Rome and has a seaport on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is around 80 km to the north west of Rome. Located in an 18th century building that once belonged to Clemente XIII, visitors will find the Archaeological Museum of Civitavecchia. The building was originally constructed to house the headquarters of the papal garrison. In the museum visitors will see archaeological findings from the town of Centumcellae (the ancient name for Civitavecchia) and from the town's immediate surroundings. In the town's main square visitors will also find another interesting attraction. The Cathedral dedicated to San Francis of Assisi was built over a church that already existed and which the Franciscan fathers had built upon concession by Pope Paul V in 1610.

The town's harbour, formed by two piers and a breakwater, upon which stands a lighthouse, accommodates ferries to destinations including Sicily, Sardinia and Tunisia.

Arbatax Guide

The Italian town of Arbatax is located on the island of Sicily and is surrounded by a magnificent range of mountains that are the island's highest. Located adjacent to the town's harbour is a 17th century tower and out to sea it is possible to observe the outline of the famous porphyritic reef known as "red rocks' from Arbatax. In the southern part of the headland, around 3 km from the town itself, is the S. Gemiliano Tower. These sites along with many others located inland from the town provide many opportunities for visitors to explore the town and surrounding area.

It is thought the town's name is derived from the Arabic for "14th tower" which may be a reference to the watchtower that was constructed by the Spanish to protect the town from attack.

From Arbatax port, ferry services connect to the Italian mainland via the ferry ports of Civitavecchia, Genoa, Fiumicino, Olbia and Cagliari.