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Gedser ferry port in Denmark connects you with Rostock in Germany with a choice of up to 10 ferry crossings per day. The duration of the Gedser to Rostock crossing is from 1 hour 45 minutes and the crossing is operated by Scandlines.


Gedser Ferry Services

  • Scandlines
    • 10 Sailings Daily 1 hr 45 min
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Gedser Guide

Gedser is the most southerly point of Denmark and Scandinavia. It goes far out into the Baltic Sea, and it is at this point that the Baltic Sea is the busiest waterway in Denmark.
The last advances of the Ice Age (where the tongue-formed ice glaciers moved forwards across the landscape) in Denmark was on Southfalster about 13.000 years ago.
Here the ice mass plowed down into the ground because of the enormous weight of the ice. Like a bulldozer it also pushed earth materials before the ice front and left this as a series of hills - today going from the Korselitze area in the north to Gedser Cliff continuing in the Gedser Reef in the south.
Gedser is a city with a short but lively history. An almost wild west-like start shooting up overnight. It has the functions of a new border city, with a ferry terminal and railway station.