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Helsingborg ferry port in Sweden connects you with Helsingor in Denmark with a choice of up to 71 ferry crossings per day. The duration of the Helsingborg to Helsingor crossing is from 20 minutes and the crossing is operated by Scandlines.


Helsingborg Ferry Services

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    • 71 Sailings Daily 20 min
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Helsingborg Guide

Helsingborg is located in the southernmost part of Sweden. 21 May 1085 is counted as Helsingborg’s official birthday. This is when the town was first mentioned, in a deed of gift from the Danish king, Knut the Holy, though people had already been living here for a considerable time before this. Strategically it was a well-chosen point from where the narrowest part of the Sound could be controlled. The original, simple wooden fortification, built at the top of the cliffs, was replaced in the 12th century by a strong and virtually impregnable castle. A town, with 3 churches and a monastery, grew up around the castle, but on the narrow shore below no buildings were erected until the 13th century. Helsingborg is famous for its excellent water. In 1707, Johan Jacob Döbelius founded the Ramlösa Spa after discovering the chalybeate spring. Carolus Linnaeus praised the water here in 1749 during his travels through Skane.