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Levanzo ferry port in Aegadian Islands connects you with Trapani in Sicily with a choice of up to 9 ferry crossings per day. The duration of the Levanzo to Trapani crossing is from 20 minutes and the crossing is operated by Ustica Lines.


Levanzo Ferry Services

  • Ustica Lines
    • 9 Sailings Daily 20 min
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Levanzo Guide

Levanzo is the smallest of the three main Aegadian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, off the western coast of Sicily. The island has a small but hugely picturesque port where you’ll see a small cluster of pale squared buildings huddled around a little harbour of crystal blue water. Levanzo has a population of only 200, with the little village around the port as the only settlement.

Levanzo used to be agricultural and produced grain, but now not much cultivation goes on anymore, only some sheep farming. The island doesn’t have a road network, instead there are a couple of dirt tracks with jeeps and mules used for transport.

Levanzo is usually a very pleasant and peaceful place where you could easily spend a whole day exploring and relaxing. However, during the peak summer season of July and August, the island fills up with holidaymakers and the atmosphere will be completely different.