Sealink Travel Group connect Australian icons and landscapes to the world with their Kangaroo Island, Queensland and Northern Territory ferry services.

Serving in excess of two million passengers annually, the group is one of Australia's premier transport companies, as well as being one of its best known.

Sealink Kangaroo Island connect the South Australian mainland with the internationally recognised icon of Kangaroo Island. With two purpose built ferries, the service to the island takes around forty five minutes, operating up to twelve rotations daily. The modern ferries are capable of carrying up to three hundred and fifty passengers.

Sealink Queensland connect Townsville with Magnetic Island utilising three high speed vessels to provide up to eighteen rotations each day.

Sealink Northern Territory provide the ferry service between Darwin and the Tiwi Islands providing around three return trips per week with the crossing taking around two and a half hours.

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