Trieste to Igoumenitsa Ferry

The Trieste Igoumenitsa ferry route connects Italy with Greece. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Minoan Lines. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 34 hours 30 minutes.

Trieste Igoumenitsa sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season so we’d advise doing a live check to get the most up to date information.

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Trieste to Igoumenitsa Ferry Alternatives

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Trieste - Igoumenitsa Ferry Operators

  • Minoan Lines
    • 3 Sailings Weekly 34 hr 30 min
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Trieste Igoumenitsa Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Trieste Igoumenitsa route is a car and 2 passengers.

Trieste Igoumenitsa Ferry reviews

  • "Camping Package "

    Excellent deal, very satisfied. The only disadvantage: The date of the trip was changed without my knowledge. But that could be regulated by a phone call without further notice. Ever the ladies were on the phone (eg Sophia Bosüner) very helpful, great compliment to them.

    'Klaus Steinvorth' travelled Trieste Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines

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  • "beware of the dogs"

    My journey was absolutely fine, the on board services were perfect, My only negative thing was that they allow dogs on board, and because several people lie down on the floor as I did it myself, I would advise you rather to put an adequate number of chairs instead.

    'Matteo' travelled Trieste Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines on Cruise Olympia

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  • "Light and Shadow "

    Route: Trieste> Ancona> Corfu> Igoumentisa Ship: Zeus Palace The Zeus Palace has come quite down. We had booked seats for the crossing. These seats were partly defective, all grubby, the room cooled down greatly. All in all, very uncomfortable. I booked an inside cabin on board. The bedding smelled musty, partly by cheese, the shower looked a little inviting. The pool was covered without water and with a net. He was apparently a long time used what can be concluded from dirt deposits on the bottom pool. The shake (a rhythmic forward / backward movement) of the ship's engine was in the cabin so much that it was uncomfortable in the stomach area. Sensitive I'm not really in this regard, but after several hours drive there is more than annoying. The staff was friendly to moderate neutral. Could not motivate on a cart so well myself. On the way back we took the newest ship of the line, the Cruise Olympia. Originally posted: First Class seats taken based on the experience with the seats in outward precaution a cabin. Very well maintained ship, nice clean cabin with no odors of bedding. Toilets were often used. The first class seats we watched, were 1A and be taken next time. Deck passage is the cheapest option to get to your destination, but sleeping in the seating areas of the coffee / bars should not be allowed. Some of you have problems to take his coffee in peace somewhere to be, or be anything at all to sit there full of sleeping is. Unfortunately, even on the Cruise Olympia the pool was closed. The promised on the website of Minoan Internet there are only fixed the installed computers to expensive prices incl lame speed. The well-kept fitness and spa area can be booked for 10 or 15 euros. As I understand it, this is only possible in connection with a cabin reservation. Conclusion: Zeus Palace ever again! Cruise Olympia or the identical Cruise Europe again any time.

    'Reisender' travelled Trieste Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines

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  • "nevermore "

    On the way from Trieste to Igoumenitsa we can book a cabin fortunately still at the port of Trieste. Consequently, the crossing was bearable., But nothing special. The crossing of approximately 28 H has drawn quite a bit. Highly recommended, it is to drive Ancona, as the ferry stops there anyway, saving you 8 hours boredom. Previous was a nightmare because we did not get no spontaneous cabin. We had to fight for a place among the many other guests on deck. Everywhere are people in all corridors or wherever there is space. the ferry was just too crowded. people camp there in tents. But no wonder if the available sleeping rooms are overcrowded. Moreover, gets even the unfriendly staff. the food on the ferry is very expensive and not very good (eg tzatziki costs around 6 €). All in all we will ever again with Minoan Lines (= would like a cruise ship, but which is filled with way too full) We go next time by car to Greece.

    'Erich' travelled Trieste Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines

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Trieste Guide

The city of Trieste is located in the north east of Italy and lies towards the end of a narrow strip of land between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia, immediately south and east of Trieste. The city's history has been heavily influenced by its location at the head of the Gulf of Trieste, at the crossroads of Latin, Slavic and German cultures. The city has a number of theatres and has a thriving cultural scene for visitors to enjoy. The theatres in the city include the Opera Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi, Politeama Rossetti, the Slovene Theatre in Trieste, the Teatro La Contrada and the Teatro Miela. A popular attraction in the city is the Castello Miramare which was built between 1856 and 1860 and is located on the waterfront around 8 km from the city. The castle's gardens are open to the public and contain a variety of trees and two ponds, one of which is noted for its swans and the other for its lotus flowers. There is also a Castle annex and a small chapel where a cross made from the remains of the 'Novara' is kept.

The port provides adequate facilities and public conveniences for passengers. The Stazione Marittima passenger terminal has a departures lounge, coffee shop, lavatories, a convenience store and public telephones. Ferry services from the port depart to Pula in Croatia and Igoumenitsa in Greece.

Igoumenitsa Guide

The Greek city of Igoumenitsa is located in the north west of Greece and is separated from the nearby island of Corfu by the Gulf of Igoumenitsa. The city was, until the second part of the 20th century, a small port whose residents were mainly employed in one way or another with the fishing industry. The majority of the city's buildings are post war as the city was badly damaged during the Second World War. With many of the buildings constructed in the 1960's -1980's there are not many sites of historical interest to see in the city.

Despite this there are some nice examples of modern office buildings lining the main street which stretches along the city's coastline. Most of the city's restaurants have terraces which enables diners to take in the lovely views of the coast whilst dining on fresh local produce. The best time to visit the city is between May and September as there is little rain and the temperatures are nice and warm. This enables visitors to explore the city and its surrounding countryside.