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Yarmouth ferry port in Isle of Wight connects you with Lymington in England with a choice of up to 15 ferry crossings per day. The duration of the Yarmouth to Lymington crossing is from 40 minutes and the crossing is operated by Wightlink.


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  • Wightlink
    • 15 Sailings Daily 40 min
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Yarmouth Guide

Yarmouth is a port in the western part of the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England. The town is named for its location at the mouth of the small Western Yar river (there is also an Eastern Yar on the island).
Yarmouth has been a settlement for over a thousand years, and is one of the very earliest on the Isle of Wight. The first record of a settlement here was in King Ethelred the Unready's record of the Danegeld tax of 991. It was originally called Eremue, meaning "muddy estuary". The Normans laid out the streets of Yarmouth on the grid system, a plan which can still be seen in the layout today. It grew rapidly, being given its first Charter as a town in 1135.
It was razed by the French in 1377 on their way to Newtown and Carisbrooke, the port prospered after Yarmouth Castle, tucked between the quay and the pier, was built on the command of Henry VIII.